Customer Feedback

Finally someone is baking a Trenton Oyster style cracker! I can't helping to compare them to the OTCs - they are not the same. They are excellent in their own way. Not as flaky as the OTC's, but have a better flavor, crack the same way, and hold up great in soup. So glad this style cracker is available again.

I love these! Better than the originals in my opinion. Just ordered three more bags!

Honestly, I have been in search of a decent cracker for a while. We were carrying Westminster's crackers which are just basic. We wanted something better to offer our customers.

I always have an open bag at my desk to snack on - and I could eat the whole bag!

So buttery and crunchy!

These crackers are selling well in our stores - You have a great product!

Your crackers are excellent and delicious!